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ESL Themes - Recommended Sites

The following are recommended sites for common topics in the classroom and 1:1 teaching for Beginner (B), Intermediate (Int) and Advanced (Adv) ESL learners.

Note: Some sites require a membership, a donation or a lesson, but are all worth it if you are a busy teacher!

AngloManiacy - Printable body exercise worksheets: - B
ESLKidsStuff - Face and body worksheets:  - *membership required
ISLCollective - Over 500 body worksheets: - *donation support site
SuperTeacherWorksheets - Human body worksheets: - B/Int/Adv  *membership required
ESLFlow - Printable lessons on health, body and symptoms: - B/Int/Adv

ESLDiscussions - Business conversation questions: - Int
BusinessEnglishMaterials - Material on company brands with follow-up worksheets: - Int
Youtube videos on business vocabulary: - Int/Adv
BusinessEnglishSite - Business grammar and vocabulary worksheets: - Int/Adv
BogglesWorldESL - Working in the business world - activities and worksheet: - Int/Adv
TalkEnglish - Business English lessons on meetings: -Int/Adv
EnglishClub - Listening and comprehension for specific work purposes: - Int/Adv
ESLFlow - Business and advertising worksheets and lessons: -Int/Adv
ESLDepot - Top-20-Business-Vocabulary: - Int/Adv
ESLMania - Business idioms: - Adv

Celebrations and Holidays
BogglesWorldESL - Holiday worksheets:  - B
ELCivics - Holiday lessons and worksheets: - B
ESLWorksheets - Holiday readings and worksheets: - B/Int
ESLFlow - Celebrations and festivities worksheets and activities:  - B/Int
ESLPDF - Holidays - vocabulary and grammar: - B/Int
AgendaWeb - Clothes vocabulary/listening exercises: - B
EnglishWsheets - Clothes and accessories worksheets: - B
BogglesWorldESL - Clothes vocabulary worksheets:  - B
123Listening - Clothes - listening practice and tests:  - B/Int
Iteslj - Conversation questions about clothes and fashion: - Int

ECEEnglish - Crime verbs and vocabulary: -B/Int 
A4ESL - Crime phrasal verbs (quiz):  -Int
ESLFast - Dialogues with listening on crimes, reporting and witnessing: - B/Int/Adv
ESLAbout - Guilty discussion game for all levels to play 
ESLPrintables - Worksheets on teaching about crime: - B/Int/Adv  *lesson sharing site
EnglishClub - Conversation worksheets about crime:  - Int/Adv
OneStopEnglish - Two complete printable crime lessons: - Int/Adv
MysteryNew - Online mysteries and games to solve: - Int/Adv
ESLBase - Worksheets and readings on crime: - Int/Adv
ECEEnglish - Crime idioms: - Int/Adv
UsingEnglish - Printable PDF on crime vocabulary with conversation questions: - Int/Adv
HeadsUpEnglish: Discussion and debate questions on crime and punishment: - Int/Adv
ESLAbout - Vocabulary words and verbs on crime, criminals and justice: - Int/Adv
Stickyball - Bizarre criminal readings and activities:  - Int/Adv

Daily Routines 
ESLTower - Routines and chores activity worksheets:  -B
EnglishExercises - Daily routine and chores exercise worksheets:  -*lesson sharing site
EnglishWWorksheets - Daily routine vocabulary worksheets:  -B/Int
ISLCollective - Over 100 worksheets on daily routines: -B/Int  *donation support site
ESLFlow - Daily routine and habit worksheets and activities: -B/Int

EnglishWSheets - Printable "Save the World" worksheet (with pictures):  - B
ELCivics - A 3 page presentation on the environment (with pictures): - B
ESLKidsWorld - Environment worksheets on grammar and vocabulary: - B
EnglishClub - Environment lessons on vocabulary, reading, and comprehension: - B/Int/Adv
EnglishExercises - Environment worksheets and activities: - B/Int/Adv  *lesson sharing site
ESLFlow - Environment, pollution and climate change worksheets: - B/Int/Adv
Henry4School - Resources and links on environment lessons:  - B/Int/Adv
LearnEnglishFeelGood - Vocabulary quiz on environment concerns:  - Int
TEFL - Printable worksheet on environment vocabulary and collocations:  - Int/Adv
BreakingNewsEnglish - Reading and activity worksheets on the environment: - Int/Adv
Iteslj - Conversation questions on pollution and the environment: - Int/Adv
ESLAbout - Vocabulary words and verbs on the environment: - Int/Adv
YourEnglishSource - PDF vocabulary worksheets on energy sources: - Int/Adv   
EnglishArticles - Environment issue articles for reading: - Adv

Family and Relationships 
ESLTower - Printable vocabulary exercises related to family and relationships: -B
SimpleESL - Printable crossword puzzle on family:  - B
ESLLab - Family vocabulary list with listening and follow up exercise: - B
ESLPrintables - Worksheets on family and relationships: - *lesson sharing site
BogglesWorldESL - Worksheets on family relationships: - B
ESLFlow - Worksheet and activities on family and friends: - B
ISLCollective - Over 500 printable family worksheets: - B/Int   *donation support site

Feelings and Emotions
MesEnglish - Printable worksheet on feelings: - B
ESLFlow - Feelings and adjectives worksheet: - B
BogglesWorldESL - Feeling and emotion flashcards: - B
VocabularyCL - Vocabulary list with sentences on feelings and emotions: - B
TalkEnglish - Feeling and emotion vocabulary sentences with listening: - B
ESLKidsStuff - Lesson ideas on feelings and emotions: - B
Iteslj - Conversation questions about feelings: - B
BusyTeacher - Over 200 worksheets on feelings and emotions: -
AngloManiacy - Printable worksheets and activities on feelings: - B

ESLTower - Food, taste, diet and international food worksheets:  - B
ESLKids - Food and drink flashcards: - B
Anglomaniacy - Printable food and vocabulary worksheets: - B
123Listening - Listening exercises and quizzes on food: - B
ESLKidsWorld - Printable food vocabulary activities (some with grammar): - B
ESLFlow - Vocabulary lessons o food and restaurants: - B
ESLPartyLand - Food, restaurants, and cooking activities: - B
ELCivics - Food lesson with pictures and follow up activities: - B
ESLAbout - Food vocabulary with a printable exercise chart: - B
FunEnglishGames - Food games and printable activities: - B
YourEnglishSource - PDF Cooking in the Kitchen vocabulary: - B/Int 
YourEnglishSource - PDF Grocery Store Field Trip: - B/Int    
BreakingNewsEnglish - Reading and activities on fast food: - Int
Iteslj - Food and eating conversation questions: - B/Int/Adv 

Health and Wellness
ESLPrintables - Lessons on health with activities: - B   *lesson sharing site
CAELAResources - Pictures stories for health literacy: - B
ESL Fast: Readings with follow up activities on health issues: - B  
Iteslj - Conversation questions on health: - B
ESLAbout - Vocabulary list on health and healthcare: - B
EnglishVideoLessons - Video lessons on health vocabulary and expressions: - B
EnglishWSheets - Worksheets on health problems and vocabulary (with pictures): - B
ESLFlow - Worksheets and activities on health, illness and body: - B/Int/Adv
BreakingNewsEnglish - Readings on health and follow up activities: - Int
English Club: Reading exercises on health issues- Int
FocusEnglish - Expressions with listening on health issues: - Int
Buzzle - Health and wellness articles for reading and comprehension: - Int/Adv
Life Skills
ElCivics - Powerpoint vocabulary lessons with exercises: - B
EdHelper - Reading and activities sheets on life skills: - B/Int
OneStopEnglish - Lesson plans for skills for life:  - Int/Adv

Location and Directions
BogglesworldESL - Asking and giving directions: - B
BogglesworldESL - A roleplay for giving direction by subway or bus:  - B
Scribd - Direction and location activity worksheet:  - B
ESLLab - Comprehension on directions for a given map: - B
ESLLab - Directions through town activity: - B
EnglishAdvantage - Speaking and grammar activity for giving directions:  - B/Int
BogglesworldESL - Giving directions with vocabulary cloz worksheet: - B/Int
RandomHouse - Directions and mapping activity worksheets: - B/Int
EnglishClub - Be the tour guide (directions) printable worksheet: - B/Int
ESLFlow - Lessons for teaching about the community and where we live: - B/Int
ISLCollective - 95 worksheets on locations and directions:  - B/Int  *donation support site

ESLFlow - Picture dictionary and dictation on medicine vocabulary: - B
ISLCollective - Reading medicine labels worksheets:  - *donation support site
ELCivics - 17 pages on printable worksheets about medicine and the pharmacy: - B/Int
ESLPartyland - Drugs and medicine conversation questions: - B/Int
EHow - Lesson ideas on teaching health and medicine: - B/Int
ESLPrintables - Printable worksheets on medicine: - B/Int/Adv  *lesson sharing site
BusyTeacher: Over 150 worksheets on health and medicine:- B/Int/Adv 

UsingEnglish - PDF lesson plans on a variety of themes and topics: - B/Int/Adv   
Practical Money Skills for Life - Free resources and lesson plans: - B/Int/Adv  

ELSTower - Printable worksheets on dates and numbers: - B
A4ESL - Online quiz on numbers: - B
ESLKidsStuff - Numbers and counting game ideas:  - B
UsingEnglish - Online quiz on cardinal and ordinal numbers: - B
ESLPrintables - Worksheets for teaching numbers:  - B
ESLConversationQuestions - Conversation questions about numbers: - B/Int

ESLTower - Printable worksheets on jobs and occupations: - B
Anglomaniacy - Printable matching worksheet on occupations: - B
EnglishWWorksheets - Printable worksheet activities on occupations: - B
BogglesworldESL - Worksheets and activities on jobs and occupations:- B
EFLNet - Picture dictionary lessons (online) on occupations and jobs:- B
Iteslj - Conversation questions about jobs and occupations: - B/Int
BusyTeacher - Over 250 worksheets on jobs and professions:- B/Int 
ESLFlow - Activities and lessons on occupations, jobs and interviews: - B/Int

EnglishClub - 10 games on adjectives for personality: - B/int
ESLLAB - Online matching on personality types: - B/Int
StickyBall - Activities and conversation questions on personality traits: - B/Int
EnglishMediaLab - Online personality matching quiz: - B/Int
FamousPeopleLessons - Famous people biographies and profile lessons: - B/Int
ESOLCourse - Activities and printable worksheets on personality vocabulary: - B/Int
ESLFlow - Personality and character lessons and activities:  - Int/Adv
EnglishPage: Vocabulary on unique personalities with follow up questions: - Int/Adv

BogglesworldESL - Lessons on shopping and expressions:  - B/Int
ESLPartyLand - Conversation questions about shopping:- B/Int
ESLFlow - Worksheets and activities on shopping and favourites: - B/Int
LearnEnglish - Vocabulary and phrases on shopping: - B/Int  
FocusEnglish - short dialogues on shopping expressions: - B/Int
TESLNet - Printable lesson plan on shopping with conversation questions: - B/Int
LearningEnglishOnline - Dialogues about shopping: - B/Int
Busy Teacher - Over 150 worksheets on shopping and clothes: - B/Int  

ESLTower - Printable worksheets on time and daily routines: - B
BogglesworldESL - Time worksheets: - B
ESLHQ - Telling the time worksheet: - B
TheTeachersCorner - Make your own worksheets on telling time:- B
TeachThis - Printable time activity worksheets:  - B
EnglishWWorksheets - Printable time expression multiple choice worksheet:  - B
ESLAbout - Using time and expressions: - B/Int
EnglishAtHome - Time expression vocabulary: - B/Int
Iteslj - Conversation questions about time: - B/Int
BusyTeacher - Over 100 telling the time worksheets:  - B/Int 

Travel and Transportation
ESLTower - Vocabulary and activity worksheets on travel: - B
ESLFast - 28 Dialogues with listening about travel: - B/Int
FunEnglishGames - Travel and vacation activity worksheets: - B/Int
LearnEnglishOnline - Travel and transportation vocabulary:  - B/Int
ESLFlow - Transportation and travel worksheets and activities: - B/Int
HandoutsOnline - Travel and vacation worksheets: - B/Int  *membership required
EnglishPages - Travel and transportation vocabulary and expressions: - B/Int
Iteslj - Travel and transportation conversation questions: - B/Int/Adv

BogglesworldESL - Weather worksheets and activities:  - B
LearningEnglishKids - Weather vocabulary activity worksheet:  - B
EnglishWWorksheets - Weather and condition activity worksheets: - B
ESLTower - Weather and season printable worksheets: - B
MesEnglish - Weather vocabulary worksheets:  - B
ELCivics - Weather lesson with follow up activities:  - B
EnglishExercises - Natural disasters and extreme weather vocabulary: - B
ESLPrintables - Weather and temperature worksheets: - B/Int  *lesson sharing site
EnglishClub - Weather vocabulary with example sentences: - B/Int
BBC - Online extreme weather crossword puzzle: - B/Int
PrintableWorksheets - Printable worksheets on weather and seasons: - B/Int
Iteslj - Weather conversation questions: - B/Int
TwoMineEnglish - Talking about extreme weather (video) with vocabulary/script: - B/Int
5MinuteEnglish - Weather idioms with follow up activity: -Int
EnglishAtHome - Weather idioms: - Int/Adv
BBC - A script with weather idioms:- Int/Adv
EnglishClub - Weather idiom quiz online:  - Int/Adv
National Geographic: Extreme weather reading: - Int/Adv


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