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Watch YouTube video now! "How to Enhance your ESL skills with Private Tutoring!"

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Enhance your skills with 1-on-1 ESL tutoring sessions during your off hours and help learners build on skills and prepare for career and educational testing. Learn about setting fees, the initial assessment, finding and keeping students, developing lesson plans, billing and record keeping and shifting from classroom teaching to 1-on-1 teaching.

As you know, the world has become a smaller and more interconnected place. As a result, more and more people around the world are looking to learn English. Even though there are a number of options for learning English in a group or in a classroom setting, the fact is that, for many people, receiving 1-on-1 instruction from a qualified and experienced teacher is their best chance and most preferred option for learning English. 


A Practical Guide for Increasing Income and Experience through 1-on-1 ESL Tutoring 

  What's included in the package?    
This package has been divided into the following six sections  which have been designed to provide you with the information you need to get started as an ESL tutor:

Preparing To Shift
Finding Clients
Managing Clients
Frequently Asked Questions
Getting Started Worksheet & Summary
     Editable Forms & Templates 

The various forms and templates, like the processes they support, have been developed over my 20+ years as a tutor/tutoring company owner and are what my tutors and I currently use to support our interactions with our clients.
I hope you find this package helpful and that your experience is every bit as positive and rewarding as mine has been!

If you have any questions or would like to start a discussion, feel free to send a comment below. I look forward to hearing about your new business as an ESL 1-on-1 tutor/coach!


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