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Sunday, March 22, 2020

It's Time for Some E-Learning!

Due to the COVID-19 spread, many ESL teachers, if not all, will be continuing their teaching online. Good news is, since most of us are visual learners, e-learning and the technology behind it has become a fast growing field in the world of ESL. When learners see and hear words, phrases and sentences through electronic media and educational technology either on their own or projected and viewed in class, processing and retaining language might be easier for them.

But before you begin, read some helpful tips:
Teaching ESL Online: Tips & Resources from 19 Successful Teachers
ESL Authority: Online Teaching Tips
Fluentu: A Day in the Life of an Online ESL Teacher
Cambridge: 3 Mindfulness Tips for Teachers

Recommended online learning videos / sites that might be helpful for online teaching:

See YouTube for all your needs here! (and with a more advanced search)

**Check out ESL Library - during the COVID-19 pandemic, they are temporarily extending subscriptions to include their digital features until June 30, 2020. Yay! Thank you ESL Library!**

Adobe Spark: Transform your ideas into a video
A4ESL: Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles
Woodward English: Vocabulary Games
ESLVideo - Short videos on all topics for all levels with online quizzes
English Club: A mix of lessons / online activities in all 4 skills
Bogglesworld ESL: Listening / quizzes - everyday topics - beginner
Bogglesworld ESL - Listening / quizzes - intermediate
Bogglesworld ESL - Listening - news stories
Mark Kulek - Easy English speaking/conversation videos with dialogues
FunEnglishGames - Vocabulary and grammar video lessons
ElCivics - Short videos on vocabulary and American civics
ESL LAB - Listening and Quizzes
ESL Fast - a collection of online listening / reading list with activities
LearnAmericanEnglishOnline - Videos on grammar explanations
KidsLearningVille - Vocabulary videos for beginners
EnglishMediaLab - Vocabulary and grammar videos for beginners and intermediates
EngVid - 500+ videos for all levels on grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary
Real-English - Interactive ESL videos with/without lessons for all levels
Elllo - 600 short videos about everyday life with script and quizzes
Let'sTalkEnglish - ESL lessons on speaking - grammar / vocabulary
Monkey See: How To Videos - Watch, Learn, Discover (Look under Categories)

Recommended Sites for New Stories / Articles
E News Dispatch: Weekly news posts with listening and vocabulary
One Stop English - Complete PDF lessons on monthly news stories
News in Levels - Reading and listening to news stories in 3 levels
CNN: Student news with listening, reading and comprehension questions
VOA News - ESL friendly news stories with listening
NY Times: Teaching with news stories with follow up activities
Time For Kids: Easy reading news articles with follow up activities
News For You Online - Current news stories with follow up exercises 
ESLDivLabs - Printable news stories of the week with listening
EnglishClub - A weekly top news story with listening and comprehension questions
SlowEnglishNews - 2014 news on YouTube 
Teach ESL TV: Create your own lessons from new clips and videos in ten minutes
Student News Daily: Current news stories with questions and linking videos

Care to Share?
Feel free to comment or to send us any link or resource you would like to share so that we can continue to be part this ever growing and needed field of English language teaching!