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Sunday, May 31, 2015

June Topics and Themes for ESL Students

For many teachers and students, June marks the end of the school year, but for others, it's about getting ready for summer classes! There's still a lot to talk about with your ESL students so be sure to check out our June Topics and Themes and don't forget to follow ESL Made Easy for weekly posts. One topic that may not get a lot of attention is Father's Day (June 21st). Why not use the days ahead to talk about the history of Father's Day as well as the various roles fathers play in the family and in the community. 

Other noteworthy topics for this month are World Ocean Day, International Sushi Day, the start of Ramadan, the Summer Solstice, World Music Day, and International Anti-Drug Day. Stay tuned for related links to recommended ESL worksheets and activities!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Improve ESL Listening Skills

Whenever I stumble across a great website for ESL learners, I want to make sure you find it too! 
In a nutshell, ESLPOD is full of listening podcasts (for intermediate/advanced levels) with plenty of topics to choose from. ESLPOD is run by a team of experienced ESL teachers in the field and each podcast story has clear and easy explanations on topic-related words (there are plenty of cultural references too!) and expressions. There's a partial script for each podcast that students can follow and an option for slow or fast dialogue.
Be sure to visit their website here and get your ESL learners to improve their listening and vocabulary skills in a fun and informative way!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May Topic: Nurses

INTERNATIONAL NURSES DAY is celebrated around the globe on May 12th. This date also recognizes the birthdate of the well-known historical figure, Florence Nightingale and her contributions to the nursing field.

Nursing is the largest healthcare profession in the world, so get your ESL students talking about nurses' roles, their importance and overall achievements!
Download the ESL MADE EASY
Student-centred reading and conversation lesson plan!
Great for multi-level or one on one classes! 
See video for International Nurses Day here!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May Topic: Sleep!

May 12th is International Fatigue Syndrome Day. This day is set aside to recognize the fact that sometimes life can make us feel tired and worn-out. It is also a day to create an awareness on how sleeping problems and disorders can lead to serious health issues. Your ESL students might find this to be a familiar and interesting topic to discuss as they can talk about their own sleeping problems, habits and routines!  >>>

Download the ESL MADE EASY
"Let's Talk About......Sleep" worksheet.
Student-centred reading and conversation lesson plan!
Great for multi-level classes or one on one teaching!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Celebrating Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 8th marks a special appreciation day for mothers! Get your students talking about the roles of mothers in the family and in society as well as the modern history behind this well-known celebration.

Download the ESL Made Easy
"LET'S TALK ABOUT...Mother's Day" 
Student-centred reading and conversation lesson plan!
Great for multi-level classes or one on one teaching!

Friday, May 1, 2015

ESL Lesson Plans and Activities

ESL MADE EASY - Finding activities and worksheets for your ESL students couldn't be any easier today as the number of online resources available at our fingertips  continues to grow. Be sure to check out some of our Recommended Sites for ESL Skills on reading, writing, speaking and listening for your ESL students.  And if you are looking for helpful websites for useful vocabulary and activities on topics such as food or the environment, there are plenty of links that can be found on Recommended Sites for ESL Themes and Topics. For those seasoned teachers out there, let us know if you have any preferred sites, books or  classroom ideas that have been successful with your students too!