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Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Easter!

There's plenty of Easter vocabulary and traditions for your ESL students to learn about this week - starting with Good Friday on Friday, April 14th and Easter Sunday on April 16th. Have your students learn more about this religious celebration as well as the commercial side of Easter including the Easter bunny, chocolate goodies and the joys of Easter egg hunting!


EL Civics: Easter picture vocabulary lesson with follow up activities
ESL Kids Stuff: A PDF Easter lesson and activities
ESL Flow: Culture and celebration Easter activities
English WSheets: Vocabulary worksheets for Easter
Teach-nology: Activities and worksheets for Easter
Get English Lessons: History of Easter video and questions
ESOL Courses: Online Easter worksheets and vocabulary lessons
ESL Fast: A beginner reading about Easter eggs with follow up activities
Anglomaniacy: An Easter vocabulary quiz
Bogglesworld ESL: Easter worksheets
Canada-ESL: Reading and follow up activities on Easter Around the World
Ciao From Debbie: An Easter reading comprehension exercise
ISL Collective: 140 Easter worksheets and activities: donation site
The Holiday Zone: A variety of Easter activities
English is a Piece of Cake: PDF lesson plan and activities on Easter
Heads Up English: Listening/reading activity on the History of Easter
English Centre: Easter customs and traditions worksheet
ABC Teacher: An Easter reading with vocabulary and comprehension questions
ITESLJ: Easter discussion questions
A4ESL: A short reading with online comprehension questions on Easter
A4ESL: Online grammar quiz associated with Easter
Learn English Feel Good: A vocabulary quiz on Easter
ESL Holiday Lessons: Reading with follow up activities about Easter Sunday
ESL Video Quiz: The History of Easter listening and quiz
YouTube: Short video on Easter questions with answers
Can Teach: Easter songs and poems


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