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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Fourth of July!

Monday, July 4th is Independence Day in the United States. Also known as the Fourth of July, this date commemorates the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain.  This is a festive day for many Americans as they celebrate with fireworks, parades, fairs, concerts, picnics and family reunions. It's a fun and proud day for Americans so get your students talking about the history, the culture, and the traditions of the United States! >>>


EL Civics: Picture vocabulary lesson on the 4th of July
ESL PDF: PDF July Fourth picture vocabulary matching exercise 
Rong Chang: Easy reading/listening with activities on Independence Day Parade 
Michelle Henry: Sites on the history of the United States
English Teaching Material: July Fourth full lesson plan PDF 
ESL Holiday Lessons: Reading with follow up activities on Independence Day
Many Things: ESL video with transcript on Independence Day
Learn English Feel Good: Independence Day vocabulary quiz 
ESOL Courses: Independence Day fireworks online listening quiz 
The Holiday Zone: Worksheets and activities for the Fourth of July 
English Baby: ESL lesson plan on Independence Day 
ESL Video: The History of Independence Day  
Bogglesworld ESL: Independence Day puzzles 
ESL Library: Independence Day ESL listening podcast 
Teaching house: Independence Day full lesson plan PDF 
Thaire Formed: Independence Day reading and follow up activities (ESL Library) 
YOUTUBE: Independence Day video with follow up questions 
History: Reading and video on the history of July 4th 
A4ESL: General knowledge quiz about the U.S.A. 
English Blog: Cartoon about Independence Day 
ITESLJ: Conversation questions about the United States 
ISL Collective: USA Trivia worksheet:  donation site
Everything ESL: Songs and Symbols of America 
ESL Discussion: ESL Discussion questions about the United States 

Download infographic for Independence Day here!

July 4th - BBQ, Beer, and the Pursuit of Celebration


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