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Friday, November 20, 2015

ESL Worksheets & Resource Links

Here are a few of the MOST RECENT LINKS posted on ESL MADE EASY... just in case you missed them!

Mixed Skills: B-Int-Adv
ESL Yes: Short stories for ESL learners
Over 1500 short stories for your ESL students to practice their listening and reading skills. Stories include audio and follow up activities!

Listening: Int-Adv
Ed TED: Build lessons around any TED ED original or You Tube video 
A growing library of short educational videos that include follow up activities for your ESL students. Sign up is free! Great for enhancing and improving listening skills!

Monkey See: How to videos
Get your students to watch, learn and discover with plenty of HOW TO videos. Print the complete transcripts and create your own listening and vocabulary activities!

Speaking and Vocabulary: Int-Adv
ESL Sheets: Free conversation and dialogue sheets
Topics from A to Z on word docs that are full of expressions, phrases and dialogue practice! Fun for a Monday morning or Friday afternoon!


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