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Easy Classroom Templates 

-just $4.99!-

You don't need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to classroom management. We've created over 24 ready-to-use activities that cover all 4-skills to make your teaching easier and to get your students talkingThese editable templates are ideal for 1-on-1 instruction and multi-level  classrooms. 

Intermediate/advanced templates are designed as student-centered activities where students work together on all sections in order to develop and enhance their conversational skills.

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Student-Centered Approach to Learning Allows Students to:
  • listen and take turns talking
  • summarize information
  • ask questions and share information
  • describe events, problems or solutions
  • present and exchange ideas, opinions or feelings
  • agree or disagree with others

This Time-Saving Template Package Includes.....


Monthly Calendar
Daily Planner: Organize your day and write down your teaching topics/notes with times frames. 

Monthly Planner: Keep organized with a monthly calendar to write down your main teaching topics and themes.

Lesson Plan: Each lesson plan template charts out your objectives, language focus, vocabulary, material/resources, and homework/practice so you can be organized for the lesson and the next day.

Getting to Know You (1) (2): Get your new students to write about themselves with some background questions on likes/dislikes, favorite things, hobbies, and short and long term learning goals. 


Taking a phone message
Bingo Sheet Template and Cards: Fill in the bingo sheet with vocabulary words you've been working on in class as a fun way to reinforce new words.  

Sentence Strips: Fill in your own sentence strip sheet with a short story using grammar and vocabulary words you have been doing in class. Cut them out and then have your students try to put the story back together.

Topic Cards: Fill in your own words on big and small topic cards and then cut out. Use them for games and practicing words and word groups.

Dictation Words: Template for spelling and dictation. This template also has space for the students to write the corrected word and a sentence. Great for beginners needing to improve their listening skills.

Phone Messages: This phone message template is ideal for beginners needing to practice their listening skills using either the teacher's oral message or short recorded messages. Get students to write down some important details of the phone call.


Dictation Sentences: Template for sentence dictation. Great for intermediate and advanced learners looking to improve their listening skills.

New Report: Have students listen, discuss and write main points from a pre-recorded or an online news report.

New Headlines: Have students listen, write and discuss news headlines.

Debating: Get students to express their reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with a topic sentence or question and then to discuss it with their partner or group. Students are also asked to write a summary. Includes topic ideas!

Question and Response Chart
Venn Diagram: This template allows students to work together to record some of the differences and similarities of two things/ideas using a Venn diagram.  Comparison ideas included!

Talk and Write About it: These templates are designed for students to talk and write about a photo/picture.

Question and Response Chart: Great template for students to ask questions and respond to them about interesting news stories and articles they have read together.

Reading and Comprehension: Includes templates with speaking and writing activities for reading general interest articles, current events and biographies.

Reading and Vocabulary: Get students to categorize new words/phrases from a story or article, and then practice using them in their own sentences orally and written.

Book Review: A template with various sections for students to write about the story, setting, main characters, conflict and if they would recommend the book.

Writing an email/letter: a template for students to practice writing various types of letters and emails.

Persuasive Writing: A template with sections for students to practice persuasive writing.

Journal Writing: A template for students to practice journal entries.


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