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Month At A Glance

Here are some suggested topics (some leaning more towards North American culture) for monthly curriculum planning or for a quick idea. These topics can be supported with easy to find authentic material online, in newspapers, flyers, magazines or on TV.

Be sure to check out our EASY CLASSROOM TEMPLATES by ESL Made Easy to help with your planning.


Shopping and Consumerism
The End of Daylight Savings
Energy Conversation in the Home
Vegan Philosophy and Lifestyle
Orphaned Children
Famous Tongue Twisters
Honouring All Those of the Armed Forces
The History and Symbolism of Poppies 
Acts of Kindness
The Discovery of Insulin
The History and Importance of Television
How Weather Affects Us
The History and Customs of American Thanksgiving

Awareness Days
World Vegan Day – Nov 1st
Daylight Savings Time End – Nov 5th
International Tongue Twister Day – Nov 9th 
Remembrance/Veteran’s Day – Nov 11th – Canada and the United States 
World Kindness Day – Nov 13th
World Diabetes Day – Nov 14th 
Universal Children’s Day – Nov 20th 
World Television Day – Nov 21 
American Thanksgiving – Nov 24th
Black Friday – Nov 25th