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Month At A Glance

Here are some suggested topics (some leaning more towards North American culture) for monthly curriculum planning or for a quick idea. These topics can be supported with easy to find authentic material online, in newspapers, flyers, magazines or on TV.

Be sure to check out our EASY CLASSROOM TEMPLATES by ESL Made Easy to help with your planning.

 F  E B R U A R Y


What is Groundhog Day?
Using Online Technology in a Safe and Responsible Way
Love and Relationships
Valentines Day’s Customs and Traditions
Buying Gifts for Someone Special – Giving and Receiving
Chocolate & It’s History
The Winter Olympics 
Country Flags and their Symbols
Famous Black People
Famous Inventions and the Inventors
Seasonal Affective Disorder
The Chinese New Year’s Symbols and Traditions
The Chinese Zodiac – Chinese Animal Signs
The History of Blue Jeans

Awareness Days
Groundhog Day – Feb 2nd - Canada and the United States
Safe Internet Day – Feb 7th
The Chinese New Year – Feb 16th
Hershey Chocolate Founded – Feb 8th

Winter Olympics - Feb 9th - 25th
Inventor’s Day and Thomas Edison Birthday – Feb 11th
Valentine’s Day – Feb 14th
Canada Flag Day – Feb 15th – Canada
President’s Day – Feb 16th – The United States
Family Day – Feb 19th – AB, ON, SK
Levi Strauss’s Birthday – Feb 26th

Black History Month – Canada and the United States