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Month At A Glance

Here are some suggested topics (some leaning more towards North American culture) for monthly curriculum planning or for a quick idea. These topics can be supported with easy to find authentic material online, in newspapers, flyers, magazines or on TV.

Be sure to check out our EASY CLASSROOM TEMPLATES by ESL Made Easy to help with your planning.

Awareness Days/Events 
The Importance of Friendship 
The Special Bond Between Sisters 
All About Cats 
Cats as Pets 
Indigenous People Around the World 
Left Handers vs. Right Handers 
The Importance of Animal Shelters 
Humanitarian Day Around the World 
Humanitarian Heroes in the World 
Mosquitoes Facts and Control Treatments 
Being a Senior in Today's World 
What are Dreams? 
The Meaning of the Daffodil Flower 

Awareness Days/Events 
Friendship Day - August 2nd 
Sister Day - August 2nd 
International Cat Day - August 8th 
World's Indigenous People Day - August 9th 
International Left Handers Day - August 13th 
International Homeless Animal Day - August 15th 
World Humanitarian Day - August 19th 
World Mosquito Day - August 20th 
Senior Citizen Day - August 21st 
Dream Day - August 27th 
Daffodil Day - August 28th