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ESL Skills - Recommended Sites

The following are recommended sites for English language development for group or individual (some online) learning. Most of these sites have Beginner (B), Intermediate (I), Advanced (Adv) online quizzes and printable worksheets. 

Note: Some sites require a membership, a donation or a lesson, but are all worth it if you are a busy teacher!

ESLFast - Easy conversation role play with listening: - B
ESLFast - Conversation role play with listening: - B/Int
YouTube videos for English speaking practice: - B/Int     
ESLLibrary - Everyday dialogue worksheets:  - Int  *membership required
EnglishClub - A mix of conversation and activity worksheets: - Int/Adv
TEFL Net: Theme based conversation lesson plans: - Int/Adv 
BogglesWorldESL - Printable conversation question sheets: - Int/Adv
Iteslj - Conversation questions with a hundred plus themes:  - Multi-level  
EnglishSpeak - 100 lessons (dialogues) to practice listening/speaking - Multi-level 
ESLConversation - Conversation questions around topics and grammar points: - Multi-level
ESLGold - A mix of speaking situations and conversation starters: - Multi-level 
ESLFlow - Speaking,conversation starters, role-play and interview exercises: - Multi-level 
ESL Sheets - Conversation and dialogue worksheets:  
Premier ESL: Conversation questions based on current news - Multi-level 
BusyTeacher - 732 Speaking activity worksheets: - Multi-level 
Basic Speaking English - Conversation topics with question and answer practice    

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Grammar Bank - Grammar lessons with some online practice: - B
El Civics - Printable one page grammar review with exercises: - B
Talk English: The basics of English grammar - B/Int/Adv   
A4ESL - Grammar quizzes - online and printable:  - B/Int/Adv
English Feel Good - Downloadable grammar worksheets: - B/Int/Adv
Azar Grammar: Grammar worksheets and vocabulary activities: - B/Int/Adv   
Web2.UVCS - Grammar lessons and exercises: - B/Int/Adv
Dave's ESL Cafe: Complete grammar lessons - B/Int/Adv
ESL Tower: Printable ESL grammar worksheets - B/Int/Adv
English Learner - Online grammar quizzes: - B/Int/Adv
Road to Grammar - Online and PDF grammar worksheets - B/Int/Adv  
Using English: Mixed grammar worksheets (online & printable) - B/Int/Adv
English Grammar - Vocabulary and grammar worksheets - B/Int/Adv   
English Club - Online grammar quizzes 2: - Int/Adv 
Grammar Bank - Online grammar explanations and worksheets: - Int/Adv 

Find websites for standardized tests such as TOEFL and IELTS here!

IdiomSite - Idioms put into sentences: - Int/Adv
IdiomConnection - Idioms definitions, sentences and end of topic quizzes: - Int/Adv
UsingEnglish - Idioms definitions and expressions: - Int/Adv
ESLFlow - Idioms and slang exercises and worksheets: - Int/Adv 

. Listening
ESLLab - General listening quizzes with follow up exercises:  - B/Int/Adv
ESLPod - Podcasts (with partial scripts) plus vocabulary explanations: - Int/Adv   
EnglishListening - Passages with scripts and follow up quizzes:  - Int/Adv  *membership required
LearningEnglish - Listen and read current news stories:  - Int/Adv
Elllo - Listening lessons with online or printable quizzes: - Int/Adv
CBC - Listening podcasts with full lessons: - Int/Adv
TheBobAndRobShow - Podcasts with study guides and quizzes: - Int/Adv  *membership required
LearnEnglishFeelGood - Short movie clips with comprehension questions: - Int/Adv 
ESL-Bits - Reading and listening audiobooks, short stories and music:  - Int/Adv  
Iteslj - Podcast and blog radio links:  - Adv 
Monkey See: How To Videos - Watch, Learn, Discover:  - B/Int/Adv  

Phrasal Verbs
UsingEnglish - Phrasal verb definitions and expressions: - Int/Adv 
ESLPDF - Phrasal verbs - fill in the blanks: - Int/Adv
LearnEnglishToday - Phrasal verb definitions and some online practice:- Int/Adv   
TeachThis - A mix of phrasal verbs activities: - Int/Adv 
ESLLounge - Phrasal verbs: fill in the blanks: - Int/Adv  

ESLPDF - Worksheets on prepositions and using after adjectives: - B/Int
EGO4U - Online preposition practice: - B/Int
ESLFlow - Worksheets on prepositions and using articles: - B/Int
TeachThis - Prepositions (time, place and movement) activities:  - B/Int
LearningEnglishFeelGood - Preposition exercises and activities:  - B/Int
ISLCollective - Over 500 worksheets on prepositions:  - B/Int/Adv  *donation site

BusyTeacher - Printable pronunciation worksheets: - Multi-level 
ESLCafe - Pronunciation topic ideas: - Multi-level 
LearnEnglishFeelGood - Pronunciation practice tests online:  - Multi-level 
ESLFlow - Pronunciation and listening exercises and worksheets: - Multi-level  
YouTube pronunciation lessons: - Multi-level  
ManyThings - Online pronunciation practice: - Multi-level

RongChang - Easy reading (200+) with listening and follow up exercises: - B
Mnliteracy - Reading and follow up activities in PDF form - B    
RongChang - Easy reading (200+) with listening and follow up exercises: - B
BestOfTheReader - Canadian stories with follow-up exercises: - B        
ESLYes - Stories for all levels (audio & follow-up exercises): - B/Int   
ESLYes - 600+ short stories from New York City (audio and grade level): - B/Int/Adv  
TimeForKids - News stories for lower level readers: - B/Int 
DreamReader: Online reading/listening practice with follow up activities: B/Int/Adv   
ESLFlow - Reading and comprehension worksheets:  - B/Int/Adv
EnglishForEveryone - Reading and comprehension worksheets: - B/Int/Adv
RongChang - Intermediate reading (265+) with listening and follow up exercises: -Int
RongChang - Intermediate reading (100+) with listening and follow up exercises: -Int
ESLGold - Short readings and exercises: -Int
GrammarBank - Online reading passages and comprehension questions: - Int/Adv
EnglishOnline - Articles with vocabulary lists for ESL learners: - Int/Adv
Reading ESL - Stories and reading exercises for Canadian learners  B/Int/Adv  
ESL-Bits - Reading and listening audiobooks, short stories and music:  - Int/Adv    
ESLBrains - Reading and conversation worksheets for intermediate and advanced - Int/Adv    **New
National Geographic for Kids: Grades 4-12 Reading and Vocabulary- Int/Adv    **New


Super Summary: Links to Vocabulary sites (guide)
LearningChocolate - Vocabulary with listening and matching exercises:  - B
A4ESL - Online vocabulary quizzes: - B
A4ESL - Online vocabulary quizzes: - B/Int
ESLTower - Printable vocabulary worksheets: - B/Int
EnglishClub - Printable vocabulary worksheets: - B/Int
ELCivics - Vocabulary matching worksheets: - B/Int
LearnEnglishFeelGood - Downloadable vocabulary worksheets on specific topics: - Int/Adv
MyVocabulary - Fill in the blanks with topic vocabulary words: - B/Int/Adv
MyVocabulary - Topic word vocabulary lists (a-z): - B/Int/Adv
EnglishLinx - Printable vocabulary worksheets: - B/Int/Adv
A4ESL - Online vocabulary quizzes: - Adv

Learning Assessment Tools for Teachers, Tutors and Students
Mixed Skills
ESLKidsLab - A mix of vocabulary and grammar worksheets: - B
Anglomaniacy: A mix of printable worksheets for beginners - B
ESL Authority - Free ESL lesson plans on all skills - B/Int/Adv 
Lesson Stream: Mixed skills with video and lesson plans - B/Int/Adv
K12 Reader: A collection of PDFs on reading and grammar topics - B/Int/Adv
HaveFunTeaching: A mix of vocabulary and reading worksheets: - B
ESLTower - A mix of vocabulary and grammar worksheets: - B/Int
DailyESL - A combination of reading, vocabulary, listening & discussion: - Int/Adv   
TeachThis - Teaching activities, worksheets and lessons:  - Int/Adv  
EFL Sensei: A collection of EFL/ESL lessons for teaching overseas: - B/Int/Adv
ManyThings - Grammar, listening, reading, and pronunciation activities: - B/Int/Adv
ESLPrintables - A lesson sharing site full of worksheets and activities- B/Int/Adv
UsingEnglish - Quizzes on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation:  B/Int/Adv
EnglishBanana - Free printable worksheets on grammar and mixed skills: - B/Int/Adv
ESLPartyLand - Quizzes and activities for grammar, idioms and phrasal verbs: - B/Int/Adv
ESLLibrary - A collection of ESL resources for all skills: - B/Int/Adv   *membership required
GetEnglishLessons - Listening and grammar worksheets:  - B/Int/Adv   *membership required
HandoutsOnline - Grammar and multi skill worksheets: - B/Int/Adv  *membership required
ADMCCommonYear: A mix of skill based exercises with practice - Int/Adv    
ELT Materials: A mix of video clips with listening and follow up worksheets:- Int/Adv
English is for Everyone: Forming questions - worksheets  - B/Int/Adv
All Things Topic - 1000 free ESL worksheets mixed skills - B/Int/Adv
Feel free to comment or to send us any link or resource you would like to share so that we can continue to be part of this exciting and ever growing field of English language teaching!


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