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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Conversation Plus: Buying Technology Gifts

Get your ESL students talking about the best times to buy technology products!
Use the article TECH GIFT GUIDE: What Not to Buy by Daniel Howley.

Download Conversation Plus Worksheet
by ESL Made Easy. >> See ESL activities for using worksheet in a multi-level class.


*Note: The Conversation Plus worksheet is designed for an intermediate/advanced class, but can be modified for high beginners using the suggested activities below.

Intermediate/Advanced: (With a partner or in a small group)
1. Take turns reading the article out loud.
2. Discuss the meanings of the word bank words/phrases in the article without                 using a dictionary.
3. Discuss questions 1-8.
4. Listen to the video posted online in the article. Discuss the words/phrases heard.
5. Write out the answers to questions 6-8. 

Beginner: (With a partner or alone)
1. Find the word bank words (and phrases if possible) in the article.
2. Write out the definitions using a dictionary. Make sure the correct definition is used 
    so that it makes sense in the sentence.
3. Find the answers in the article for questions 1-5. 


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