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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year!

NEW YEAR'S customs, traditions and celebrations can help generate some lively classroom discussions with your ESL students. It's also great for working on past & future tenses by discussing key personal or global events from 2105 as well as plans and possibilities for 2016!


1. How did you spend Dec 31st, 2016? Was it different from previous years?

2. Do you celebrate the coming of a new year in your country of origin? If so, what are some traditions and customs that mark New Year's Eve/Day and the start of the new year in your culture?

3. For many people, a new year represents a time for making positive changes in their lives. What do you think are some common resolutions/goals that people make? Why do you think it might be difficult for some people to stick to these resolutions/goals? What advice would you give?

4. Did you create any resolutions/goals last year (2016)? If so, did you stick to your resolutions and achieve your goals? 

5. Do you have any resolutions/goals for this year (2017)? If so, have you created a plan for achieving them? What about your friend and family members?


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