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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Topic: Grammar Day!

March 4th is Grammar Day! So why not kick off your day with a quick grammar lesson or review?

Find some of my recommended grammar links for all levels here. Once you've finished with a grammar point, be sure to get your ESL students reinforcing it. Remind them that they need to USE it or they'll LOSE it!

Practice the present continuous verb with a Conversational Grammar worksheet by ESL MADE EASY here!

Click here to celebrate Grammar Day with this fun quiz!


  1. Dear Carolyn,

    Your website is great.

    I am a teacher from India. Your recent lesson "Conversational Grammar - Present Continuous" has a question which reads:

    "What is something that you’re always forgetting to do?"

    Grammar books teach that the verb "forget" cannot be used in continuous tenses. Could you please explain why grammar books say so and why you being a native speaker and teacher use it in a continuous tense?

    Please consider this as a question of academic interest. We, non-native speakers are confused with such examples.

  2. Thank you for this inquiry and is very confusing especially when "forget" is considered to be a non-continuous verb along with many others.

    Let's just say that when using the adverb of frequency "always" with any verb (in the continuous form), it suggests two things;

    1. to show something that is often unplanned or unexpected (I am always losing my keys).

    2. to show frustration when something often happens that is unplanned/unexpected. Sometimes it can be surprising or annoying. (My daughter is always asking me for money, Tom was always leaving his dirty dishes in the sink, Why are you always coming late to school?).

    Hope this helps!