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Thursday, November 29, 2018

December Topic: Human Rights Day

December 10th is HUMAN RIGHTS DAY as proclaimed by the United Nations in 1950. Drafted in 1948 by a mix of representatives from around the world, the Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the UN to help protect all people in the world from oppression and discrimination. While this might be a sensitive topic for some of your ESL students, reading and discussing the 30 Declarations of Human Rights could lead to some stimulating conversations (and writing topics) on current world issues.


1. What do we need, as human beings, to survive? Do these needs change from person to person? What about from country to country? Explain.
2. If animals are kept as companions, what rights should they be entitled to? Are there any laws for pet owners in your country? What about laws to protect wild animals?
3. How are the elderly viewed in your country of origin? Do they face any specific challenges in terms of protecting their human rights? If so, what measures are being taken to protect them?
4. Privacy is a human right. Do you think this human right has been violated due to technology and social media over the years? If so, explain.
5. Everyone has a right to 'Rest and Relaxation'. What does this mean to you and how is this right being met in schools and workplaces in your country?


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