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Month At A Glance

Here are some suggested topics (some leaning more towards North American culture) for monthly curriculum planning or for a quick idea. These topics can be supported with easy to find authentic material online, in newspapers, flyers, magazines or on TV.

Be sure to check out our EASY CLASSROOM TEMPLATES by ESL Made Easy to help with your planning.

July Topics

All About Canada
Laughter is the Best Medicine
Jokes and Riddles
Do You Believe in UFOs and Aliens?
The History of Chocolate
World Population and Resources
The Importance of Cows Around the World
Conservation and Preservation of Nature
Health Benefits of Puzzles
The Biography of Amelia Earhart
The Biography of Nelson Mandela
What is Junk Food?
Parent Roles in the Family
Today’s Youth Around the World
Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Hepatitis

Awareness Days

Canada Day – July 1st
International Joke Day – July 1st
World UFO Day – July 2nd
Independence Day – July 4th
Chocolate Day – July 7th
World Population Day – July 7th
Cow Appreciation Day – July 8th
World Nature Day – July 11th
International Puzzle Day – July 13th
International Mandela Day - July 18
Junk Food Day – July 21
Amelia Earhart Day – July 24th
Parents Day – July 26th
World Youth Day – July 25th
World Hepatitis Day – July 28th
International Friendship Day – July 30th