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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November Topic: Universal Children's Day

November 20th is officially observed as Universal Children's Day. It's a day to honor and promote the welfare of children around the globe. Many parts of the world celebrate Children's Day throughout the year however on this day there has been more international awareness to protect the rights of children worldwide. Focusing on children and some of the key issues they face in developed and developing countries makes for an important discussion topic with your ESL learners. >>>

Watch YouTube video on Universal Children's Day with Micheal Jackson's song, Heal the World


1. Does your country have a day to celebrate and honor children? If so, what are some of the events and traditions that happen?

2. What are some of the basic rights that every child should have? How can we as parents, teachers, and citizens help to protect them?

3. What kind of risks do you think children in developing countries are currently facing? What about in developed countries such as Canada or the United States?

4. What are some free programs and services that help promote the welfare of children in your country? What about paid programs and services?

5. What are some things that children are expected to do at home and in school in your country? For example: In Canada, children are expected to clean their rooms and brush their teeth twice a day. Children are also expected to do their homework everyday.

Universal Children's Day Infographic - get your students to discuss or write some summary sentences.

PHAC-ASPC.GC: Children's Rights Activity Guide (Canada)


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