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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January Topic: Thesaurus Day!

January 18th is THESAURUS DAY! It's a day that commemorates the birthday of Peter Roget (Jan 18th, 1779), the author of  Roget's Thesaurus.

The thesaurus has been an invaluable reference resource for millions of students and other writers around the world who use it to spice up their language with synonyms (different words that have the same or similar meaning). For ESL students, using synonyms not only helps develop and strengthen English skills, it increases confidence and motivation while learning this "tricky" language., Merriam and are just a few online sites that are both easy to find and use. So why not challenge your ESL students to explore and practice new and interesting words daily!


Fun English Games: Synonym quiz
English Leap: Easy online synonym quiz
Oswego: Online synonym matching game
BogglesWorld: Synonym games and worksheets
ISL Collective: Synonym and antonym worksheets - donation site
Grammar Bank: Online synonym and antonym quiz
Learn English: Synonym and antonym game
TeachNology: Synonym worksheets
English For Everyone: Synonym and antonym worksheets
TLS Books: Using synonyms worksheet
Learn English Feel Good: Confusing synonyms (tell/speak) online practice
ESL VocabFox: Synonym vocabulary puzzles
ESL Writing: Paraphrase with synonyms worksheet
Portals: Synonyms are Similiar worksheet
Discovery Education: Synonym Matching worksheet
English Worksheet Land: Synonym and Antonym practice worksheet
Teaching Ideas: Reading with synonym exercise


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