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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Conversation Plus: The Measles Vaccine

Get Your Students
Talking About 
the Measles Vaccine! 
QMI Agency Dept. Graphic: The Measles Vaccine
 Conversation/vocabulary worksheet by ESL Made Easy
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*Note: The Conversation Plus worksheet is designed for an intermediate/advanced class, but can be modified for high beginners using the suggested activities below.
With any conversation exercise worksheet, give your students time to complete some of the suggested activities and then take up the answers and discuss as a class. Your high beginners can listen and hopefully understand some of the new vocabulary words in this lesson. They might even have the confidence to participate!

Intermediate/Advanced: (With a partner or in a small group)

1. Discuss the warm-up questions with your partner or group. 
2. Using the infographic, work together on the vocabulary matching exercise. 

3. Discuss questions 1-10.
Write out the answers to questions 9 and 10.

High Beginner: (With a partner or alone) 

1. Think about the warm up questions and see if you understand them. Use the dictionary to help you with the words.
2. Find the vocabulary bank words in the left column in the infographic. Write out the definitions of the words using a dictionary. Make sure the correct definition is used so that it makes sense in how it is used in the infographic.

3. Try to find some of the words/phrases in questions 1-5 in the infographic.


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